The fresh new buildup out-of multiple individuals of mainly one to taxon classifies the locality while the a beneficial monodominant bonebed (Eberth ainsi que al

The fresh new buildup out-of multiple individuals of mainly one to taxon classifies the locality while the a beneficial monodominant bonebed (Eberth ainsi que al

This new Chinle Development at the PEFO has grown to become better-dated from the highest-reliability You–Pb zircon decades and you can magnetostratigraphy, proving that whole creation here are Norian-Rhaetian into the many years (Kent et al., 2018 , 2019 ; Ramezani ainsi que al., 2011 ; Rasmussen et al., 2020 ). Roentgen. callenderi takes place in this new highest Bluish Mesa Affiliate due to center Petrified Tree Associate in the PEFO, with a mathematical age range out of

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218.5–210 Ma (middle-later Norian; Rasmussen mais aussi al., 2020 ). There is specific uncertainty in the chronilogical age of the lower part of the Sonsela Affiliate according to the age model selected (Rasmussen mais aussi al., 2020 ) but this does not impact the age of the initial otherwise last situations out-of Roentgen. callenderi within PEFO.

2.2 Taphonomy

Numerous components of R. callenderi was indeed collected away from PFV 297, between damaged remote skeleton in order to partially articulated skeletons. , 2007 ). The brand new specimens had been all recovered from a single horizon inside good greenish-gray mudstone (“blue sites” away from Loughney et al., 2011 ) that’s adjacent to a channel facies of one’s Coated Desert Sandstone step three (Parker mais aussi al., 2005 ), and that most likely depict levee places on proximal part of the floodplain (T. Demko, private communication, ). Other vertebrate localities throughout the Petrified Forest User occur within this equivalent drab-colored beds that have been interpreted since symbolizing badly drained paleosols from inside the abandoned route complete that were no less than seasonally drinking water-saturated (Loughney et al., 2011 ; Therrien & Fastovsky, 2000 ). Monodominant assemblages are not take place in wetland facies (e.g., overbank wetland/limited pond) having reduced transport and you may reworking prospective (Eberth et al., 2007 ), and this is similar to the interpretation of your own depositional ecosystem out-of “blue websites” out-of Loughney ainsi que al. ( 2011 ). The clear presence of traditional equisetalean plants (age.g., PEFO 41412) on the quarry as well as supporting so it translation. In several of specimens off PFV 297 and you can PFV 414, the interior spaces of your limbs have been permineralized because of the calcite spar, and perhaps, the fresh skeleton are overgrown from the a finer calcite spar layer. Of many factors enjoys gone through limited plastic deformation and you can brittle deformation once the confirmed by fracturing and you may displacement in the specimens out of long bones. Otherwise facial skin bone conservation try superb, preserving great exterior details (e.g., muscle mass scars) a number of specimens, particularly in PEFO 34561.

The first issue out of PFV 297 is discovered during the early 2004 and you will built-up mainly due to the fact skin “float” that eroded outside of the fossiliferous horizon, having one in-situ articulated sample that have a limited head (PEFO 33787). Matters off proper ilia, best femora, and you may left frontals conveyed the brand new maintenance out-of a minimum of four some body (Parker ainsi que al., 2005 ). After that excavation off in the-situ specimens contained many separated points together with five relevant skeletons (PEFO 34269; PEFO 34561; PEFO 36875; PEFO 36876). PEFO 34561 means around 90% of an individual while offering every dysfunction given less than. PEFO 36875 and contains an entire and you can generally articulated skull too as a partly articulated postcranial skeleton. A keen articulated skull (PEFO 38609) plus one bones was indeed built-up from inside the 2015 (PEFO 42442/UWBM 116869) out of PFV 414; PEFO 42442/UWBM 116869 saves the new spine column and carapace of your trunk area inside the partial articulation, also an entire, but flattened, skull. These skeletons exist since apparently separated levels out-of skeleton from unmarried anybody elizabeth bedding airplanes by the typically step 1–dos meters. Along with her all procedure from PFV 297 and you will PFV 414 is short for a minimum of a dozen some body according to femora matters. Mukherjee and you will Beam ( 2012 ) described a similar taphonomic setting to possess a rhynchosaur-ruled bonebed from the Upper Triassic Tiki Development off India. Just as in the fresh new Indian assemblage, it is probable within PFV 297 and you can PFV 414, towards great-grained sediments plus-situ equisitaleans, one delicate-tissues decomposition during the shallow-water breadth and you can after that weathering processes disarticulated the individuals out of R. callenderi. Such skeletons were later exposed to partial dispersal from the low energy fluvial agencies and ultimately burial when you look at the floodplain dumps (Mukherjee & Ray, 2012 ). New rarity out of quick issues for example gastralia and you may chevrons into the if you don’t almost complete specimens, and the visibility out-of separated skull, girdle, and you will limb bones of the same taxon, supporting so it second dispersal experiences (Mukherjee & Beam, 2012 ).

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