He wasn’t hoping to end up crushing with the his roommate’s boyfriend, a pleasant son titled hoseok

He wasn’t hoping to end up crushing with the his roommate’s boyfriend, a pleasant son titled hoseok

after an enormous scandal, rapper Agust D covers together with friends to cease gossip on the your. however, a fight with his mother pushes him to search for their youngsters hometown next-door neighbor given that hideout rather. today he’s to call home having park jimin, his the next door neighbor’s son and you can yoongi’s earliest love.


jimin usually thinks he is fundamentally over it up to there’s something one tends to make him go back and you may see he has got never prevented becoming crazy about yoongi. but regardless of how enough time passes by as well as how far they usually have changed, they however are unable to operate to their shared ideas.

mandatory heterosexuality

yoonmin: Jimin was struggling to find a date given that their close friends try dating, and all the guy really does try third controls for them. unfortunately, the his dates is actually a mess, with his sensuous and very upright 2nd-home next-door neighbor Min Yoongi enjoys to make enjoyable out of your

namseok: Namjoon takes their roommate’s offer in which to stay his flat whenever it come back to Seoul because the sticking with his best friend was a nightmare. One to wasn’t a smart move.


some things on the yoongi: he’s https://datingranking.net/es/sitios-de-citas-chinos/ an effective dreamwalker and he could be crazy about his buddy park jimin. sometimes he believes it is shared. but jimin merely reveals his feelings during their common fantasies and he doesn’t consider him or her as he gets upwards or, at the very least, he acts such as for instance the guy does not

fairy au

yoonmin: yoongi wished to escape his workload and personal issues, the guy don’t purpose to locate a good fairy entitled jimin throughout the trees, considerably less into the fairy to check out him right back, declining to exit yoongi’s family because the he desires to assist him. yoongi presumptions he may make use of the company

taekook: because the an one half-fairy residing in the city, taehyung doesn’t feel associated with their fairy front side. once jimin, good fairy partnered so you’re able to a person gets taehyung’s buddy and you can brings up your to jungkoo, a peaceful however, pleasant fairy, taehyung starts seeing the country in another way.

first-time collection

taekook: Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook is actually virgins. You can use them so you’re able to crappy responses because people believe being a great virgin during the 23 is actually strange nonetheless they found solace during the another. Up to Jimin manages to lose their virginity and now Taehyung and you will Jungkook require from the club as well

yoonmin: Jimin was not expecting to meet the one, significantly less “usually the one” being Minute Yoongi, his unpleasant teacher assistant. Shedding his virginity might feel facts since the semester is more than. But there is however problematic: he maybe lied to Yoongi in the not a virgin.

nam2seok: Namjoon and you may Hoseok should be friends whoever entire dynamic transforms upside down when they fulfill Kim Seokjin, the newest good-looking sis regarding a common buddy off theirs. They want to compete and you can pursue your, simply for Seokjin to tell her or him he would such as for example all of him or her.

kindergarten bien au

yoongi manages to need a break of most of the works he has to manage from the his organization to visit his son’s recital getting dad’s day at their kindergarten. yoongi finds out themselves a tiny flustered when he sees his son’s professor on stage on the kids, dressed up as a red-colored dog.

hybrids au

yoonmin: jimin wasn’t designed to understand that their crush, well-known minute yoongi of sounds agencies, could have been concealing every collectively that he is a pet hybrid. revealing a secret would be to promote him or her better however, yoongi appears to keeps an issue with individuals, or just with jimin themselves.

taekook: while the jungkook are unfortunate the sole area he is able to afford book to possess is the one with an effective tiger crossbreed neighbor. label jungkook traditional but the guy prioritizes protection and then he believes bunny hybrids such as your -preys- shouldn’t come close to predators such as the tiger over the hallway.

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